New Guard Leadership Board

The New Guard Leadership Board (NGLB) participates in high-level decision-making alongside the TeenTix Staff, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council. The NGLB acts as the primary program administrators and leaders for The New Guard, with additional mentorship and guidance from our Teen Programs Director and Executive Director.

Our 2021/2022 NGLB!

Chloe (she/her) is a junior at The Downtown School. Excited to be serving on the New Guard Leadership Board, Chloe hopes to have an awesome time with the other New Guard peeps! In her free time, she loves to watch films (especially at festivals), read, and make music.

Dylan (he/him) is an 11th grader at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences interested in film, photography, saxophone, writing, and arts leadership.

What does the New Guard do?

  • See art together! New Guardians attend one arts event a month at different TeenTix Partners.
  • Share direct teen feedback about their experiences with TeenTix Partners.
    Host TeenTix Instagram Takeovers
    Be the first to hear about special TeenTix opportunities and events
  • Learn how social justice and racial equity intersect with being an active participant in the arts
  • Share their experience and be an ambassador for TeenTix and arts access in your own community
  • Navigate transportation in the city when coming to TeenTix HQ, and when seeing art at TeenTix Partners
  • Explore different neighborhoods and the arts experiences offered there


How do I apply to join The New Guard?
Applications for the 22/23 New Guard are now closed. Stay tuned in Spring 2023 for applications for the 23/24 New Guard!

How old do I have to be to join The New Guard?

You must be between 13 - 19 years old to apply for The New Guard.

Do I have to be a TeenTix member to apply for The New Guard?
Yes! And TeenTix membership is completely free - JOIN NOW!

How much does it cost to participate in The New Guard?
Participation in The New Guard is FREE—all costs are covered through fundraising by New Guard members and TeenTix staff.

Do I have to have arts experience to do this?
No! All you need is interest in learning more about arts leadership. Some New Guard participants come from arts backgrounds, and some don’t.

What's the deal with the stipend vs. service learning hours?
New Guardians are eligible for a stipend or can decide to receive service learning (volunteer) hours. To earn service learning hours talk to TeenTix's Executive Director. Please note - you must be 14+ to be eligible to receive the stipend.

What if I can't make all the meetings?
We all have super busy schedules - so we get it! However, we do have a participation policy - please see the Participation Expectations section above for details.

Can I leave the New Guard for a year and come back?
Of course! We do ask that you reapply, but make a note that you are a previous member and let us know why you are ready to re-join so we can take that into consideration.

For more information, please email the New Guard Leadership Board or call 206-233-3959.

Thanks to our New Guard Alumni! We miss you!!!

Check out the list here!

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